Design Expert Reviews Different Stormtrooper Helmets

In a galaxy far, far away, the most lucrative contract a military supplier can get is producing helmets. The Empire and the First Order field millions of troops with a wide variety of helmet design needs, ensuring steady business for eons.

In our galaxy, faithful (and licensed) Stormtrooper replica helmets are produced by manufacturer ANOVOS. The sheer variety they offer can be bewildering, so here our resident design expert Rain Noe explains the highly specific functions that make each design unique.

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Imperial Stormtrooper Helmet – Base model

Snowtrooper Helmet – For hipster Stormtroopers (helmet design does not interfere with elaborate beards)

Sandtrooper Helmet – Pre-worn/patina edition

AT-AT Driver Helmet – For Stormtroopers with sleep apnea, features C-PAP machine hookup

Incinerator Stormtrooper Helmet – Limited Edition Crossover, by Doc Martens

First Order Flametrooper Helmet – Features dual EZ-Touch breath release valves, for Stormtroopers with halitosis

First Order Snowtrooper Helmet – Helmet topper, when removed and inverted, doubles as stylish flowerpot to brighten up any office

Sabine Wren Helmet – Features detachable selfie stick

Imperial Royal Guard Helmet – Wearer can be shifted to welding duty without needing to change helmets

Elite Praetorian Guard Helmet – Limited Edition Crossover, by Alessi

Death Trooper Helmet – Now with built-in vaping cartridges (green color indicates menthol flavor)

Death Trooper Specialist Helmet – Built-in vaping cartridges glow green, for nighttime visibility

Commander Gree Clone Trooper Helmet – Limited Edition Crossover, by Bathing Ape

AT-ACT Driver Helmet – Remote garage door opener, plus backup remote garage door opener, sticks to helmet face via magnets

Kylo Ren Helmet – Antenna strips provide crystal-clear 5G connectivity

First Order Stormtrooper Executioner Premier Helmet – Limited Edition Crossover, by Marc Newson

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