Design for Public Benches That Provide a Measure of Me-Time

Danish furniture brand +Halle regularly holds an Annual Briefing where they gather designers, and ask them tough questions.

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As an example:

“[Consider] the deficit of moments to oneself in public spaces, and the human experience of seeking those moments out in the most public of places.”

In response to this prompt, Swedish industrial design firm Form Us With Love got to work, designing this Levels bench system.

“The design of Levels uses simple shapes,” the firm writes. “Levels derives its shape and proportions from architecture. It is in essence just two pillars supporting a beam.”

However, the system is designed to provide a sort of outside-of-the-box notion of privacy or separation:

“Levels is a bench system combining three heights and three lengths to create subtle divisions between people.”

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

“By sitting at different heights, different directions, and distances from one another, Levels can break the monotony of a space. These simple changes give people a chance of distance from one another without having to isolate oneself. Just enough to settle within an open space.”

Levels is in production by +Halle.

Source: core77

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