Design Month Graz 2022

From May 7 to June 12, the now thirteenth Design Month will take place in Graz. The focus theme GREEN TRANSITION is entirely in line with the European GREEN DEAL and the NEW EUROPEAN BUILDING initiative. The program will inspire the creative sector itself, as well as a broad audience, with a series of interesting events, while creating spaces to present and reflect on contributions and approaches from the creative sector to the challenges of change and green transformation. Visitors can expect around 100 program points in 37 days.

Design Month Graz condenses the energy of the local creative industries within one month, makes them visible to the outside world, and thus makes a central contribution to anchoring the creative industries in people’s minds since 2009. It offers innovative projects, a (time) space and thus sharpens the perception of the importance of design. The Creative Industries Styria GmbH coordinates and organizes the event. Numerous local partners are also involved in Design Month Graz. The term “Designmonat” functions as an umbrella brand and gathers the individual activities under a unified appearance without jeopardizing their independence. Creative Industries Styria spans a content-related and programmatic arc from a multitude of individual initiatives by designers to the major local design training centers and institutions, thereby enabling synergies and cooperation between the creative industries and “classic” companies.

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Source: feeldesain

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