Design Overkill Object of the Week: Cast Iron and Walnut Coffee Scoop

I used to listen to a podcast with a funny segment called “Who the F buys this S” that talked about ridiculous items you can purchase. I thought of that after seeing this:

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That’s Sqoop, a $45 coffee scoop made out of cast iron and walnut. It was designed “to hold 10 grams of coffee grounds, ideal for a single cup of coffee.” Being cast iron, it’s also touted as being magnetic, if that’s important to you.

On the one hand I’m tempted to say “Jeez, what a use of raw materials.” (If it was upcycled from other objects, the product description doesn’t say.) On the other hand, objects like this are like illegal drugs: They wouldn’t keep making them if so many people didn’t want to buy them.

Source: core77

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