Design Your Own Truck Tarp Bag at Freitag's New Sweat-Yourself-Shop in Zurich

In a newly converted micro-factory in Zurich, Freitag is “extending production chains all the way to its storefront.” For the first time, truck tarp bag aficionados can fully design and finish their own version of the exclusive F718 BUH model at Freitag’s newly opened Sweat-Yourself-Shop. The cheeky news release says the process will appeal to “people who like doing things for themselves, are better than the rest, and are factory fetishists with and without taste as well as all other Do-it-Yourselfies.” But don’t worry—there will be minimal sweating involved.

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Visitors will first pick out a front, backside, bottom, and handles for their bag. Then, they’ll chose a bold-patterned piece of tarp cut-off brought in from Freitag’s official factory, which will be shaped into the bag’s external pouch (this particular model also comes with a key holder). “The sheer amount of color choices for tarp pieces that go into the F718 BUH shopper will probably have our part-time bag makers perspiring more heavily than the production work itself,” Freitag says.

Using a plexiglass template, visitors/”part-time bag makers” cut the piece to size and round it off with a punching machine. Next, there’s the requisite CI-compliant brand logo that everyone will have to weld onto the fabric, the last step before handing the soon-to-be-ready bag to an experienced team who will finish off the necessary sewing and riveting while you enjoy a complimentary drink for your efforts.

The whole process takes about one and a half hours per person, and there’s a two-person maximum per “shift.” If you’re ready to sign up for a production shift, check out the availabilities and more details here.

Source: core77

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