Designer Fabio Novembre creates whimsical bedrooms inspired by dreams

Italian designer Fabio Novembre has long been known for creating dream-like interpretations of normal everyday gadgets. So, it’s no surprise that he delves deeper into his wild and whimsical imagination for his new art project.

This project came to fruition when mattress brand PerDormire sought out Novembre and asked him to produce a unique range of beds for the Design Democratico collection. The designer, having two children aged 9 and 13, made six designs of bed that is heavily influenced by “the world of dreams.” No two designs are the same; every single art piece is devoted to one aspect of dreams – from the haunting shadows to the unicorns and princesses.

When asked about his project, he says that “sleeping is the most helpless condition of our life, making it comfortable and dreamy was the least I could do.”

Which whimsical bed would you buy for yourself?



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