Designey Ceramic Alternatives to Wood Stoves and Fireplaces

One of the clients of the design-build firm I’m working for is insisting on a cast-iron wood stove for one of the rooms. It doesn’t really fit the space, but they want it, and I get it; I feed ours daily, it’s low-tech, romantic, scratches the cottagecore itch, et cetera. My issue with them is that they never blend into a space, but dominate it as a standalone feature. They also need to be swept under constantly.

Unsurprisingly, from Germany comes a designey alternative to the cast-iron wood stove. Kaufman Keramik is a family-run operation that creates hand-built ceramic built-in stoves, and as far as I can tell, each one is unique (i.e. probably pricey). They’re attractive and they integrate well within living spaces:

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“Transform stoves and walls into unique spatial experiences. With stove tiles and wall coverings that are one of a kind. These are created piece by piece by a master craftsman, just for you. In a system full of design possibilities of styles, shapes, colors and surfaces. With the instinct and experience that you will only find in a family-run manufacturing operation.”

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

“It takes a great deal of responsibility, patience and important decisions to follow the path of family-run manufacturing,” the company writes. “To produce quality by hand, and create true values without using automation.”

If only I could convince the client to spring for one of these.

Source: core77

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