Designey Colored Pencil Holders

If you had access to a CNC mill and were tasked with setting up a successful Etsy store, what would you make? Ukraine-based Bond Art Studio designed a series of desktop items, and the standout objects appear to be this line of colored pencil holders:

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I don’t think the design is actually very functional; if the pencils are stored points-down, even in a stepped hole I imagine I’d be breaking the points constantly. Stored points-up, that would make for a prickly picking experience. And what happens when the pencils wear down unevenly?

The turnaround time is about a month, and prices range from $28 for the 24-pencil holder ($39 if you want the pencils included, no brand specified), up to $89 for the 72-pencil holder ($115 with the pencils).

It’s not the only product they sell, but Bond Art Studio has made nearly 1,000 sales at press time and have loads of five-star reviews, so I’d consider this a successful venture, at least on its face. You can check out the rest of their offerings here, and hopefully come up with some ideas of what you could make and sell.

Source: core77

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