Designey Drawing Tools: This Magnetic Transforming Multi-Part Ruler "For All Your Design Needs"

The “designey drawing tools” category of objects continues to rival EDC, with their endless variations on commonplace objects that yield questionable utility. The latest is HK-based Ant Design’s Re-ruler, a “machined aerospace-grade aluminium multifunctional ruler for all your design needs.”

At first glance, the design DNA appears to have come from the Brannock device, that object that measures one’s shoe size:

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But no! The Re-ruler’s not just a straightforward measuring device. It comes apart, it goes back together, it’s got magnets, it does different things. For starters the rounded parts, the turns in the racetrack shape, each pop off and can be joined together:

Then there’s:

Did we mention it’s magnetic?

Did it successfully get Kickstarted? Well that’s a silly question. At press time the Re-ruler was 3,000% funded with 24 days left to pledge. Admittedly they had a low target of $1,287, but even still, more than 500 people shelled out $50 and up, bringing them up to $36k and change. I’m sitting here just watching the funding counter continue to click upwards.

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Source: core77

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