Designey Radiators from Italy

There are often times when I’m playing with my hula-hoop in front of our swimming pool, and I lament at how lame our standard radiator looks through the window. I didn’t realize, until seeing these photos, that I don’t have to suffer in this way.

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An Italian company called Tubes Radiatori makes these designey wall and floor radiators, both electric or hydraulic. This one’s called the Milan, and it comes in both horizontal and vertical variants.

Their Kubik wall model uses square-section steel tubing for a more severe look. Again, both horizontal and vertical versions are on offer.

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

The Ixsteel model uses very thin (10mm diameter) round tubing for a more visually dense effect.

This Trame model has undulating steel tubes that “chase each other and draw soft scenographies on the wall.” You can choose the directionality of the tubes.

The Platform is a monolithic design that hides the tubes altogether.

The Add-On model allows you—or let’s be real, your interior designer—to choose the final configuration of the repeating modular components.

I like this one because it reminds me of an amino acid.

There’s plenty more designs to see here.

Source: core77

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