Designey Toilet Paper Storage Units

So you splashed out on a $6,000 Toto toilet, and now the rest of your bathroom, in comparison, looks like…crap. There’s only one thing for it: You’re going to have to buy a designey toilet paper tower, like this $78 steel and wood 8-roll model from homewares brand Yamazaki.

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If you’re not into wood, you can also step down to this $50 steel 8-roll model.

Or maybe your household contains some power poopers and you need more capacity. You can step up to this $56 12-roll unit.

Note that the two all-steel units are not designed to handle jumbo-sized toilet paper rolls, whereas the wood-paneled unit is. I’d love to see the meeting that led to that decision, with designers passionately arguing for and against.

Source: core77

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