Designey Toolboxes are Here

Character is a company that sells designey, pricey, color-matched tools. These appear to be aimed at people who are maybe crafters and are looking to step up to hanging picture frames, spackling holes or other entry-level DIY tasks.

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As for where those tools should be stored, the company reckons their target market wants something that looks Instagrammable. Thus they’re rolling out these designey toolboxes that look kind of like fancy ArtBins.

The toolboxes are made from 22-gauge powder-coated steel, though the handles and endcaps are nylon. Silicone mats line the compartments. You can also order separate plastic organizing bins that fit the drawers, to the tune of $30 for three bins.

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

The toolboxes themselves run $185. I think you could get a lot more for your money at a big-box store, but I have to remind myself that this is not that market. (I’m trying not to be judgey here, because I do think that the more people that learn to use tools, the better, and not everyone learns to use tools at school.)

Source: core77

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