Designing a Better Urinal- with Science!

So you majored in physics and then got a graduate degree in fluid dynamics. What good does that do for the world? The next time someone asks, you can point them to the research that is leading us to a splashless urinal. Mechanical engineer Zhao Pan and his colleagues at the University of Waterloo in Canada (how appropriate) have designed a urinal that employs the same geometry as a nautilus shell, with a round inner surface that ensures a shallow angle to minimize splashing. The tall fixture also accommodates people of various heights. It is the urinal second from the right in the above image.

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The team presented their urinal to attendees of the American Physical Society’s Division of Fluid Dynamics meeting in Indianapolis today. If the meeting wraps up with a party featuring liberal libations, they may get a real-world beta test. -via Damn Interesting

(Image credit: M. Shi and Z. Pan/University of Waterloo)

Source: neatorama

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