Designing for Prison, 2: Furniture and Fixtures

Fascinated by yesterday’s look at objects designed for prisons, I started looking at furniture and fixtures in the category. Whereas the objects must be designed with anti-smuggling features, furniture and fixtures must focus on anti-harm while fulfilling their original function.

Desk with Swing-Arm Stool

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Nothing on this 10-gauge steel desk can be removed and weaponized, and it eliminates the need for a loose chair or stool (which could easily be wielded as a weapon or broken down into smaller implements). The desk has two open storage shelves, a bar on the side to hang a towel, and a permanently attached swivel stool.

Unbreakable Mirrors

These have no glass that can be shattered to weaponize the shards. They’re made from polished stainless steel.

Wall-Mount Table or Seat

Pure form-follows-function, with a bit of flexibility. These 7-gauge steel surfaces can be either seats or tables, depending on what height you mount it at.

Overflow Bunks

These 16-gauge steel cots are designed to stack, as they’re supposed to live in storage for most of the time. Thus it takes up only six feet of vertical space to stack 15 of these.

Storage Shelf with Collapsible Hooks

This storage shelf features unusual-looking hooks that are shielded on the side, like those NASA buttons. Why? You’ll see by the next item on the list.

Collapsible Clothing Hooks

These hooks, like the ones above, are designed to collapse when a certain amount of weight (generally 8-30 pounds, they’re adjustable during installation) are placed on them–so that prisoners cannot intentionally choke themselves if they get their hands on anything ropelike.

Ball and Socket Collapsible Hooks

Same idea as the above, but with a ball and socket design.

Collapsible Shower Curtain Rod

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Since a metal tube would be a no-go, this “lightweight polyethylene foam rod is strong enough to support the shower curtain, but will collapse under an increased load, preventing its use for suicidal purposes.” It attaches to the wall via hook-and-loop, which also makes it impossible to hang yourself from.


Up next, we’ll look at an unusual prison object that’s becoming obsolete.

Source: core77

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