Designing for Prison: Products Specifically for Inmate and Guard Use

My scout came across the Bob Barker Company, which has nothing to do with the famous game show host, but is instead “The nation’s largest detention supplier.” What that means is, they sell objects that are used in prisons by inmates or staff.

Designing objects for prison use means you don’t need to incorporate the latest colors and trends. Instead you’re designing things that make smuggling difficult. Electronics are made transparent; even sandals are made translucent and bright orange “for added safety and security from contraband.”

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AM/FM Radio

AM/FM Wind-Up Radio

Transparent Earbuds

Transparent Headphones

Unifoot Sandals (i.e. no left/right)

Another challenge is dealing with items with handles. In civilian life we use handles for holding, but in prison, any stiff, shaftlike object can be converted into a shank. This has yielded the following unusual objects:

Chess Set with Soft Silicone Pieces

Checkers Set with Soft Silicone Pieces

Flexible Thumb Handle Toothbrush

Fingertip Toothbrush

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Anti-Shank Razors

The design of this one requires some explanation:

“Avoid the threat of razors used as weapons with our unique Anti-Shank razor designed exclusively for correctional facilities. This razor’s high visibility orange color makes it hard to hide, while it’s handle features eight weak points that break away when tampered with. There are no hidden cavities to hide contraband–making it one of the industry’s safest, disposable razors available today.”

You can browse the Bob Barker Company’s offerings here.

Source: core77

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