Desktop Wallpaper: July 2024 With David Mascha

Desktop Wallpaper: July 2024 With David Mascha

Kicking off the second half of the year for Designer Desktops is visual artist and type designer David Mascha who hails from Vienna, Austria. Known for his geometric patterns and use of vibrant color, Mascha’s work often explores organic shapes, spatial patterns, and the limitless forms of typography. His designs have caught the eyes of industry-leading companies like Adobe, Apple, Samsung, Google, IBM, and more, making him a highly sought-after artist in the contemporary design scene.

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For this month’s desktop, we spotlight David Mascha’s captivating piece, “Knot.” This design features a simple intertwining of lines that create a dynamic sense of movement and depth using color. With its bold contrasts and incredible detailing, which invite viewers to lose themselves in the gradients, “Knot” makes a perfect visual escape for your desktop background.

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DESKTOP: 1024×768  1280×1024  1680×1050  1900×1200  2560×1440

MOBILE: iPhone XS iPhone XS Max  iPad Pro

Check out some of Mascha’s other work:

Black and white image featuring 26 stylistic, three-dimensional letters of the alphabet and digits 0 through 9, displayed in a grid against a black background

365 Days of Type, 2023

A minimalist, abstract white D consisting of curved, tubular shapes arranged in a layered, repetitive pattern on a black background.

“D” from 365 Days of Type, 2023

Colorful, intertwining geometric lines create the shape of the letter "B" on a black background.


A geometric design featuring an intricate, colorful circular pattern against a black background. The pattern consists of interwoven lines forming a symmetrical, pulsating effect.

“Cromatic Torus”

A digital illustration of interconnected chain links in vibrant rainbow colors against a black background


A complex geometric shape features intertwined, wavy bands in bright rainbow colors set against a black background


A close-up of a smart watch display showing an abstract design with overlapping pink and blue circles and a white minute and red hour hand. The watch has a metallic bezel and white strap

Samsung Galaxy Watch5

Gradient numbers 1 to 9 in pink and blue, arranged in a 3x3 grid on a black background

Samsung Galaxy Watch5 Numbers

Abstract illustration of a human head in profile made up of colorful, flowing shapes against a light purple background

Self Portrait

Learn more about David Mascha here and follow him on Instagram here.

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