Determine Your Creative Type with Adobe Create's New Quiz

The next time you’re ready for a mildly productive break from work, take a few minutes to find your creative type with this recently debuted quiz from Adobe Create. Inspired by the idea that creatives have a tendency to “contain contradictory extremes,” as psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi put it, the test employs top-notch design and graphics to uncover your core creative personality.

The test is composed of fifteen questions inspired by popular personality tests such as the Myers-Briggs and Jungian archetypes. With only two possible responses for each question, some are hard to answer definitively and your answers may change depending on when you take the test—but that’s ok.

“The types aren’t black and white; I think of them as more of a spectrum. You might be one type at a certain point of your life—or even at a certain point in your creative process—and another type at a different time,” said Carolyn Gregoire, who developed the test and co-authored Wired to Create: Unraveling the Mysteries of the Creative Mind. “Ultimately, every creative has a little bit of each of these types inside of them.”

London-based creative agency Anyways was tasked with transforming Gregoire’s test into a fun and immersive digital experience. They teamed up with installation and spatial design duo Isabel + Helen to create a series of short videos that run after each question and visually represent your answer.

Consider the following simple but illuminating question: Updates are ready to install: 1) Restart now; or 2) Remind me tomorrow. “The concept is that an action-oriented person prefers to focus and get things done right away, while someone who is more ideas-oriented is more likely to procrastinate and put things off,” Gregoire explains. “If you select ‘restart now,’ a series of glass cubes slot down perfectly one by one into the floor, turning on a light from below that signals the completion of the task. Watching the video, you can feel the methodical mindset and sense of satisfaction that comes with checking things off your to-do list…But if you click ‘remind me later,’ you see a series of glass cubes falling from off-screen and piling on top of one another, capturing the feeling of tasks piling up and a busy mind that’s juggling lots of different input.”

3D artist Anton Hjertstedt designed the characters and they playfully and symbolically capture the different energies of each type. The Dreamer’s head is composed of several layers as if to suggest their ideas are protected from the world outside; the Innovator has multiple “brains” all just barely contained within a wire frame; the Maker is an assemblage of different materials.

Check out the test for yourself here!

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