Developing your own art style – Q&A episode 16

Developing your own art style – Q and A episode 16

Grego Rius
do you know/have any tips to make hands comfortable using wacom? because its hard to feel the pressure and make a clean stroke x_x. Thankss

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Grego Rius
why when im using the overlay layer. the color i use is brighter than it should?? im already following ur step from the begining but the colors always diffrent from yours.

ive got a question: would you say that you have developed your own style? some people have a really distinct style that you instantly recognize say for example your childhood influence Akira Toriyama, whether hes doing something for dragonball or a computergame you can instantly recognize the artist.

This may come about through the way someone draws a particular thing i.e eyes, mouth, nose, shape of head etc? would you say that you have developed your own style?
I find this difficult to answer myself and am wondering what you think.
I know that you prefer realism as do i but do you for example draw the same female faces or prefer blondes to brunettes etc in your paintings of course,
or draw a thing that is unique to your very own drawings? I think developing your own style is also mastering and understanding the art. Just like Bruce Lee my mancrush and idol

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I used
-pencil HB-3b
-Canson/Utretch sketchbook
-Sketchbook Pro
-Wacom Intuos5 Medium Pen Tablet

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