Diet Sodas are Starting to Die Out (Sort of)

You might have noticed that there are fewer diet sodas in stores. This is not a supply chain issue (at least not in most places) but a production decision. While manufacturers are making and selling less diet soda, they are producing more “zero sugar” sodas. What’s the difference? Mainly the words.

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The word “diet” technically only means what one consumes, but consumers are used to “diet” meaning fewer calories so that you can lose weight. It has a connotation of a poor self-image and a regimen of deprivation. Who wants that? Younger consumers (i.e. Millennials) prefer to “eat healthier” instead of going on a diet. Less sugar is a draw for them, even if the same artificial sweeteners are used.

So is there a difference between “diet” sodas and “zero sugar” sodas? The ingredients may vary slightly, and some people consider zero sugar brands to more closely resemble the original sugary soda. The actual difference between Diet Coke and Coke Zero is explained here. Read about the shift in consumer preferences and the labels that cater to them at All Recipes. -via Digg

(Image credit: Ben Schumin)

Source: neatorama

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