Diets Ranked by How Farty They Make You

People usually select a diet in order to lose or gain weight and/or to improve their overall health. But this is Neatorama, and we haven’t discussed farts in several days. Lucky for us, Mel magazine did one of their food ranking studies and found out which of several popular diets causes the most natural gas.  

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To be scientific about it, your own personal gas line is fueled by sugars such as alpha-galactose and raffinose — commonly found in foods like beans, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower and pears — which can be difficult to digest at first. “When some people eat these sugars, instead of being digested, they can ferment in the gut, resulting in bad-smelling gas,” explains nutritionist Alicia Harper. “However, your gut can eventually learn to digest fruit and vegetables without flatulence.”

Still, if your gut is trying to learn something new, you might want to consult the ranking of diets by flatulence. Even if you don’t change your mind about your diet, it will at least warn you of what can be expected.

Source: neatorama

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