Digital painting woman portrait fast Demo

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How to draw female face step by step

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How to draw portrait with pencil (+3 hours video tutorial with explantion) go to:
How to paint portrait digital tutorial (+3 hours video tutorial with explantion) go to:

Painting Chinese woman portrait. Learn to paint portrait of a Chinese woman step by step process. Here is another step by step how to draw and paint Asian face images and all the way up to finished portrait painting.
This one I spend a little more time to paint and get more detail than the previous one, how to paint Asian woman portrait study and full an hour and a half premium version with interface shown painting Asian woman portrait. But still I personally never really like the super refine finished look of illustration. I like to leave loose brush stroke to make it more unfinished. It is just a personal taste or maybe laziness.

Learn how to arrange skintones and balance color temporatures. Using cool and warm color as an effective tool to balance the portrait illustration. In this TUTORIAL, you will learn digital painting of Asian female portrait from front view and be able to paint facial structures using eithercolor, values and shape to achieve the final result.

Music was done really quick on Garageband by me. (1st try) it kind of bad.

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