Diiis Designstudio Launches Their Latest Products

Diiis Designstudio Launches Their Latest Products

Swiss design studio Diiis Designstudio has switched gears a bit since we last saw them two years ago with their convertible backpack, Manta. Now, they’re unveiling a few new designs but this time on the furniture and home furnishings front. Each of their products serves a basic function with added details that display clever twists.

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GITO / HATO are a pair of side tables that are easily put together with a simple screw system. The two wooden tabletops have a metal plate embedded allowing you to set a drink down without having to worry about it leaving a ring on the wood.

HAWU is a bookshelf or a bar similar to the above tables. A metal frame holds three wooden shelves, where you get to choose between a half circle or a metal angle. The angle becomes a bookstand to help contain your stuff on the shelf, while also fastening it to the stand.

SIM / SALA / BIM are a trio of glass vases where you have the flexibility of displaying a single stem or an entire bouquet with the help of the mirrored plates.

Source: design-milk

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