Dimwitted Cashier Makes Customer Cry When He Sees Their ID Card And Declares That February 29 Doesn’t Exist

Let’s clear one thing up really quickly, Pandas. Leap years and leap days—an extra day popping up in February every 4 years as the 29th day—we all know that this is a real thing, right? Are we all on the same page? Great! Then it should make reading this article that much easier.

Unfortunately, not everyone believes in February 29. And they’re mighty rude about it. One redditor, u/Independent-Low7712, shared a dramatic story about how they went to the shop to buy some wine. Since they look young, they’ve gotten used to proactively handing cashiers their ID card. However, one cashier had a problem.

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Seeing that the customer was born on February 29 made them believe that the card was fake! The cashier then threatened to destroy it and brought the customer to tears. Read on to find out what happened next.

An extremely rude cashier brought a customer to tears because they didn’t believe that February 29 was a real thing

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Here’s what happened at the store when the employee saw the author’s ID card

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The author of the post also added an update, sharing some more details

Image credits: Independent-Low7712

Another store employee rushed to the redditor’s rescue and put Kevin in line. What’s more, they asked the customer to sign a document detailing exactly what the cashier did. Apparently, it’s not the first time that Kevin has pulled a similar stunt like this.

However, the redditor felt conflicted about what they had done because, as it turns out, Kevin the cashier is an acquaintance of their roommate’s. That’s why they asked the AITA community for their verdict on what happened. Overwhelmingly, reddit users stressed the fact that the redditor did nothing wrong.

The author of the post also added an update, clarifying a few things. They noted that they’ve got extreme anxiety which is why they reacted so strongly to the cashier’s aggression.

What blows my mind is that there are actual living human beings out there who can (somewhat) hold down a job who don’t believe in February 29. I mean, leprechauns I’d get. But denying the existence of leap years? That’s a bunch of baloney!

Then again, don’t forget that in this timeline, we actually have people who believe the Earth is flat. We also have folks that think Australia isn’t real (though many understand that it’s mainly people joking and mucking about online).

The reason we add an extra day every four years is to keep our calendars in line with the Earth’s movement around the sun. You see, even though we have 365 days in a year, it actually takes the Earth 365.2421 days to fully orbit the sun. That tiny fraction adds up and would throw everything out of whack as the years, decades, and centuries pass on by.

So, in order to avoid having Winter in July eventually, we add February 29 as a way to level things out. It helps make up for lost time and keeps life on Planet Earth in sync with the movements of the heavens.

Oh, and in case you’re curious, Pandas, the next leap year is going to be in 2024. So be sure to look out for February 29 then! Hopefully, nobody will deny that it exists anymore when they’re faced with the evidence.

Most people thought the cashier was a total jerk how he reacted and what he tried to do. Here’s what they said

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