Dip a Slip with the Best Dyes for Fabric

Dying for some quality fabric dye? With these coloring agents you can transform an old garment, create custom textiles, and experiment with color. Try methods such as batik printing, ombre dipping, and tie-dyeing. Fabric dye is an essential tool for costume makers, textile artists, and seamstresses, and there are many options to choose from. Fiber-reactive dyes, where the dye bath is alkaline, work best on plant-based fibers like cotton and hemp. Acid dyes are better for protein-based fabrics such as wool and silk. All-purpose dyes like Rit may have ingredients that help them work with a range of materials. And still other dyes are specially formulated for use on synthetics and synthetic blends. Make sure you get the right product for your needs by perusing our picks of the best options below.

Source: artnews.com

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