Diplo and MØ reworked “Stay Open” with Levante

Diplo and MØ reworked “Stay Open” with Levante: Tuborg brought them together asking why staying open to new experiences is so important for an artist.
The artist involved in the artwork is the Italian illustrator Beppe Conti. In the video below he used collage technique animated digitally. His academic education came from street art, then evolved towards surrealism and dadaism.

Tuborg has reinitiated its music-centric campaign teasing a slate of new collaboration tracks with artists around the world. Now in its second year, the Tuborg OPEN initiative is once again bringing together a group of incredible musicians to create something truly special; a song with one global message but the story told in a different way, with each collaborating artist using their own unique lyrics to reflect the diversity and unique local cultures of some of Tuborg’s key markets across Asia and Europe.

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The Danish lager brand kicks off  the event with help from DJ Diplo and long-term collaborator, first of all MØ.
Milan Shah, marketing manager at Tuborg, said: “Tuborg has a long heritage with music, helping to introduce new genres and artists to new markets. The pair Diplo – MØ have rolled out the track “Stay Open” which will tie into the brand’s Open To More efforts. Artists across Tuborg’s key markets in Asia and Europe will build upon the campaign in the months to come. Singer-songwriter Levante will lead the campaign in Italy, whilst a host of other artists are still to be confirmed from markets including China, Nepal, Bulgaria and Myanmar.
“Through this year’s Tuborg Open campaign, we’re once again setting out to encourage people around the world to be Open To More; to be inquisitive, exploring the world around them, trying new experiences and sharing them”

Diplo said: “To be part of Tuborg Open for the second year is really cool. This year Tuborg came to us with the idea of being “Open to More” and MØ and I were already working on “Stay Open”. This track tells about how so many times people are closed but it’s important to stay open to new people and experiences.”
“It fits the campaign perfectly and the artists from around the world are already coming to us with ideas of how they want to change it up and add their own perspective to the idea of staying open which is the really cool bit of the project.”


Giuseppe Conti

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