Do You Agree with This List of the Worst Christmas Candies?

As always with these kinds of lists, your mileage may vary. I am known for loving cherry cordials, but the brand makes a big difference. I love the ones with liquid centers, and cannot abide the ones with white cream in them. They aren’t that difficult to eat, but it’s a hoot (and a mess) to watch a kid try one for the first time. Mefites have a bone to pick with the chocolate orange, as the critics at got one with a cream center, and the classic Terry’s chocolate orange is delicious orange-infused chocolate. I agree that Peeps and reindeer corn are just out of their league and should stay in their own holiday. It’s been many years since I’ve even seen Christmas nougat. How about you? Do you love some of these candies that others hate? Read the justifications for the worst Christmas candies at -via Metafilter

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