Do You Want Video Game Ghosts To Touch Your Real Body?

Playing Phasmophobia on the computer is already a nerve-racking experience. Playing it on VR is much worse. But if you want to suffer from a heart attack and die early, you might want to buy a bHaptics suit, which will let you fully experience the horror game, as the game’s latest update now supports the full body haptic suits and face covers of the said company.

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Essentially, these will let the game trigger vibrations across your [body], presumably to send actual shivers down your spine when a spook shows up.

In other words, the virtual ghosts from the ghost hunting video game can now touch your real body.

Granted, bHaptic’s suits don’t come cheap. The simplest of the company’s tactical haptic vests will set you back $300, with a more expensive version containing over double the number of vibration points going for a spicy $500. 

(Image Credit: Kinetic Games/ PC Gamer)

Source: neatorama

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