“documento” at Embajada

Artists: ASMA, Alex Becerra, Daniel Boccato, Cristine Brache, Matteo Callegari, Antoine Carbonne, Guanina Cotto, Taína Cruz, Emily Davidson, Débora Delmar, Maggie Ellis, Cielo Felix-Hernández, Peter Fend, Juan “Jufe” Fernández, Elizabeth Ferry, Radames “Juni” Figueroa, Al Freeman, Vartiko Garcia, Jorge González, Sebastián Gutiérrez, Vanessa Hernández-Gracia, Karlo Andrei Ibarra, Alana Iturralde, Elizabeth Jaeger, Danielle De Jesús, Paul Ramirez Jonas, Daniel Lind-Ramos, Stuart Lorimer, Raúl Martínez, Josué Mejía, Elsa María Meléndez, Joiri Minaya, Alberto Zayas Montilla, Sofía Gallisá Muriente, Jonny Negrón, Jesús “Bubu” Negrón, Larissa De Jesús Negrón, Nora Maité Nieves, Margaux Ogden, Juan Antonio Olivares, Angel Otero, Kivan Quiñones, Chemi Rosado-Seijo, Wendy Cabrera Rubio, Claudia Peña Salinas, Vanessa Gully Santiago, Curtis Talwst Santiago, Irgin Sena, Manuel Mendoza Sánchez, Yiyo Tirado, Gabriella Torres-Ferrer, Rafael Vega, Chloe Wilcox

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Venue: Embajada, San Juan

Exhibition Title: documento

Date: October 31, 2020 – February 6, 2021

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Paul Ramirez Jonas, Another Day, 2020. Video, 00:12 min.

Sofía Gallisá Muriente, Asociaciones​, 2014. 04:52 min.

Juan “Jufe” Fernández, 1603 Agua ​(clip), 2020. 1080 x 1920 H.264/MPEG-4, 5 second looped digital file, media player, flatscreen, armature, various cables.

Images courtesy of Embajada, San Juan

Press Release:

The exhibition, a nod to the esteemed quinquennial documenta, celebrates the artists Embajada has exhibited over the past 5 years as well those we admire and look forward to collaborating with. Like its namesake, documento extends for 100 days and aims to act as both survey and forum for an international contemporary art discourse rooted in a Caribbean context. Presenting a variety of mediums including painting, sculpture, video, and installation, documento encompasses Embajada’s mission of showcasing contemporary art that is in dialogue with issues of Caribbean identity, the multiplicity of Puerto Rican diasporas, and innovative art practices.

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

documento includes a collaboration between Oficina de la Embajada and KM0.2. featuring artists Yiyo Tirado and Karlo Andrei Ibarra in a project entitled Historia de la repetición. The timely presentation critiques the inequities inherent in the political electoral system. For more information on the installation including an accompanying essay by Alberto Zayas Montilla, click here.

Embajada was founded in October 2015 with the intention of spotlighting Puerto Rican artists within an international contemporary art conversation. Embajada’s working model is a combination between an independent self-funded project space and a commercial gallery. It is driven by the collaborative spirit and is inspired by the idea to exist as a diplomatic mission, to create a political context through the use of aesthetic information. Over the past five years, Embajada has mounted over 20 exhibitions, participated in numerous international contemporary art fairs, and proudly represented six diverse artists of Puerto Rican, Caribbean, and Mexican descent. From the inaugural exhibition He Put a Hot Fish on Her Navel to documento, Embajada is grateful for the connections made with its collaborators and its audience.

Link: “documento” at Embajada

Source: contemporaryartdaily.com

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