Dog Brings Toys To A Cat Every Morning

This is just too cute! Lori Knoble’s German shepherd Anya has a very cute morning routine: she brings toys to their newly-adopted kitty, Munchie. Anya made Munchie feel welcome at their home when she tried to get Munchie to chase her toy. When the cat relented, Anya started playing with her. From there, the two animals have formed an adorable friendship

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“Anya is the one who truly helped Munchie not be afraid and helped her to adjust to her new life of living with us.” “She usually plays with her every morning, or whenever we leave the toy out laying around.” “Munchie has grown from a tiny, scared kitten living in a dumpster all alone, to becoming a member of our family who is loved and cherished.” “It melts our hearts that Anya instinctively knew how to help Munchie to not be afraid.” “You can’t help but smile when you see them playing together.” “They play lovingly and they love to tease each other, too!” “Not all angels have wings, some have four paws and fur.”

Image screenshot:via Flipboard

Source: neatorama

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