Dog Gets Swept Away By Deadly Torrent, His Owner Dives In To Save Him

We all have heard stories proving animal loyalty. Protecting children, preventing accidents, scaring away thieves and assailants, our 4 legged companions have done it all to keep us safe. However, from time to time, the owners have to step up and save their beloved pets, too. Recently, Manuel Calderon’s love for his adorable puppy, named Fulo, was tested. His dog was swept away by a dangerous torrent, however, Calderon didn’t hesitate and in the blink of an eye, he jumped into the water to save his little buddy.

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The whole incident, which took place in the district of San Miguelito in Panama, was captured in the video. The footage shows a white dog trying to cross the overflowing river to get to his owner. After safely crossing the river himself, Calderon though his dog would come to him after easily crossing it, too.

However, the poor pooch suddenly got swept away by the current. That’s when Calderon dived into the water, grabbed Fulo and got him to safety. The man said he didn’t hesitate even for a second. “I was focused on the dog. And thank God I managed to grab him… I threw him onto the bank and got out some meters later,” he told local reporters.

After the video went viral, Fulo’s owner was quickly hailed a hero for risking his own life to save the puppy. “An animal, just for being an animal, does not deserve to be disregarded, because it is a life after all. I ask you to take care of them because they also have feelings,” he said.

According to the Mayor of the city, Hector Valdes, Calderon has joined the Department of Animal Welfare.

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