Dog Goes Viral For Photobombing Its Owners’ Wedding Picture, Others Share Their Own Pics

Will you say yes to the dress? Yes to the groom waiting at the altar? Yes to the massive 50-story cake? Beware, it’s vanilla sponge with chocolate ganache, meringue icing and caramel crunch on the inside! Veil or tiara? The great outdoors or a chapel? Maybe a beach? What about the music, the shoes, the makeup, the photographer, the the the…

I can imagine nothing as anxiety-inducing as planning a wedding. The most glorious day in one’s life! Forever tied to the one person who doesn’t make you want to chuck a watermelon at their noggin every time they open their mouth. Watermelon is delicious though, so hey, whatever works for you – I’m just saying!

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A lot of people nowadays can’t imagine not inviting a very special guest. The one that can brighten any day just by existing. I’m talking about the dog of course (cats are invited too, but that’s another story). But what happens when the playful K9s take the cake and photobomb the wedding pictures? Well, you sure have a time to remember!

A pup has gone viral for just that, and Bored Panda spoke with Sarah Pukin, a professional wedding photographer, who invited us to get a closer look at a very special couple on their very special day. Let’s get into it!

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Callie and Travis Jones got married in a wonderful ceremony back in July, with Sarah Pukin capturing photo-worthy moments. However, one photo would surprise all

Image credits: Sarah Pukin Photography

You know, photography is a very strange thing. So strange in fact that once upon a time, people believed that photos captured the souls of those photographed. Maybe they do, who knows. Souls are difficult to tell apart, let alone knowing whether we just have one of them.

The capture of fleeting moments in a speck of time. Kind of like a time machine to the near or distant past. Whether you’re going to jail or getting married, the procedure is fairly simple. You stand in front of the camera lens, listening and following the instructions of the one manning it, all the while trying your best to imagine the end product. But you can’t foresee it all.

Your smile may look lopsided, your hair might be catching fire, your fingers might be going in all directions, and your dog may be putting on a smile. The last of these is what we’ll be looking a little closer into, as this puppy is hard to miss.

Their dog Luna was invited to the wedding, and when Sarah was looking through the family photos, the pup’s hilarious grin caught her eye

Image credits: Sarah Pukin Photography

Sarah Pukin, a professional wedding photographer based out of Calgary, Canada, was capturing each lovely moment of Callie and Travis’ wedding. The couple got married July 9 surrounded by the people (and pets) they love most. “Oh, man! Callie and Travis’ wedding was unreal. It was such an amazing day!” Sarah told Bored Panda. “It was a busy morning with a lot of moving parts. Their venue was absolutely fitting for them – it was chill and laid back and natural.”

Their venue was a wedding photographer’s dream, with “so many unique spots to create and capture artistic angles with.” The day flowed with an air of ease, as no set schedule was in place, allowing everyone to mingle, enjoy and celebrate!

Once the magical day was over, Sarah went to work on editing and retouching. Soon she came across a picture that made her giggle for the most unexpected reason. The couple’s 8-year-old dog Luna was showing off the most human-like grin, going from ear to ear, showing no teeth. “I cracked up while I was going through and selecting their final images,” she said. “Her smile was perfect and she did a really good job posing for the photo!”

“Her smile was perfect and she did a really good job posing for the photo!” Sarah said, and we can’t help but agree!

Image credits: Sarah Pukin Photography

She shared the photo with Callie, and they both had a good laugh. The owner shared Luna’s iconic grimace in a Facebook group, called Dogspotting Society, on August 25. Needless to say, the picture caught the attention of everyone blessed enough to see it. At the moment, the post has over 29K likes. Sarah shared the picture on her Instagram and TikTok accounts and they instantly went viral, the latter gathering an impressive 1.3M views.

In turn, many people shared pictures of their own weddings and how their pets contributed to their memorability. I think we can all agree with Sarah on this: “Nothing brings me more happiness than dogs! Any dog that wants to photobomb is welcome to in my books!!!” However, there are a few things you need to consider before inviting a four-legged friend to your wedding.

The little Heeler pup grew into a little diva, stealing hearts with her fantastic blue eyes and incredible smile. She should consider a modeling career

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Image credits: Callie Jones

As shared on the Martha Stewart website, you have to be honest with yourself by asking questions – is your pet really going to be an asset to your wedding? Do they have the personality to be able to handle hours of commotion, movement, noise, flashing lights, and being apart from you? Will you have someone there to help take care of the pup’s needs while you dance the night away? Lots to consider, innit?

At the very least, your pet needs to be well-behaved and know the basic “sit” and “stay” commands, says puppy expert Heidi Ganahl, founder of Camp Bow Wow. They argue that understanding your dog’s personality is key when assigning them roles in the wedding.

The professional photographer shared the image with Callie, who posted it in the Dogspotting Society group on Facebook, quickly catching attention

Image credits: Callie Jones

29K people loved the silly pupper, and many then shared their own wedding pictures featuring their beloved pets

Image credits: Christina Casey

Some will be perfect as ring bearers or flower girls, but others will require lots of training – potentially more than just a few weeks’ worth. Do take your dogs to the wedding location early on. Pups love to sniff and explore new spaces, so if you get that out of the way early, they’ll be less likely to do it at the ceremony.

“An animal fits a certain type of affair, one at a farmhouse or a private estate, perhaps, but probably not at a fancy hotel,” says Sasha Souza, a California event designer. Not all venues are pet-friendly, so you’ll have to ask the on-site manager if your dog will be welcome. An outdoor setting is often the best choice, so the pups can walk about and play freely without damaging the dinnerware.

Image credits: Karla Ngarra Butler

Sarah shared the picture on TikTok and Instragram, Luna’s grimace quickly going viral, making millions of people chuckle

Image credits: Lashaye Peterson

You have to consider different kinds of risks too! Research the flowers that will be present in the gardens as some are toxic to dogs. Ask the wedding site about pesticides and about creatures that might distract or threaten your pet, such as snakes, rodents, raccoons, etc. Keep dogs someplace safe during the reception so guests won’t feed them out of the goodness of their hearts. Certain wedding foods, such as chocolate, alcohol, and meat with bones, can be dangerous.

Lastly, remember – your dog is a living creature in its own right. It will need bathroom breaks, food, water, entertainment and companionship. As stated on Hitched, most dogs won’t want to just mooch around a reception for hours on end. Pack your dog’s favorite toys, snacks, and a cozy blanket or dog bed to ensure your four-legged friend is comfortable at all times.

Image credits: Si Chil

Not every pup is fit to attend a wedding, so one must consider all the additional preparation needed to ensure a smooth and lovely day for all

Image credits: Courtney Baker-Roman

If the answer is glaringly obvious that a wedding is the last place you want your dog to be in, then maybe think of alternatives to having the actual dog there. Country Living noted 30 creative and cute ways to have your pet present in spirit rather than stealing the cake or barking at aunt Gertrude.

From naming drinks after them to little pup-inspired decorations, there are so many little things that could remind you of your pup without causing you and the dog any unnecessary distress.

Image credits: Annika Wilhelm

Sarah’s mission as a photographer is “to tell [the couple’s] story honestly and organically. Meaning – rolling with the punches and not only capturing moments artistically but allowing organic moments to just happen.”

“Each couple has a different love story and it’s my biggest priority to document it truthfully so you can feel their personalities when you look at their photos!” If you’d like to see more of Sarah’s work, you can follow her on Instagram, TikTok and Facebook.

We wish the newlyweds all the best for their future together and hope that Luna continues to smile!

Image credits: Sarah Pukin Photography

Sarah wishes Callie and Travis the most amazing life together. “A life filled with heartwarming memories and lots of love and happiness! They are the kindest humans and an absolute joy to have worked with! It was such an honor and I can’t wait to see this photo of Luna blown up on their wall!!!”

I couldn’t have said it better myself! Let us know your thoughts on little Luna and her fabulous grin. Have you had a pup photobomb your wedding/birthday/funeral/Halloween party? Let us know!

Also, it would be highly appreciated if you’d upvote this story and follow the author, as it allows me to save up for my own wedding, which I may have with my 10 cats in 5 years. Alrighty, that’s all from me, folks! Have a good one!

People have absolutely fallen head over heels for this puppy and its family. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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