Dogs in the (Vintage) News

As soon as photography advanced to the point where the subject didn’t have to sit still for long, photographers found that the public loved to see pictures of animals, particularly funny pictures of pets. Harry Whittier Frees made a career out of posing kittens for amusing pictures, but dogs were popular, too, as seen the archives of the British Newspaper Association. The photo above appeared in the magazine The Tatler in October 1904.

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In this quite surreal and charming photograph, it is a dog who is both behind the camera and in front of it, the caption from The Tatler reading ‘Thank you; would you mind turning this way, if you please, just for a few moments?’

This is just one of a gallery of dog pictures featured in newspapers and magazines of the past with the stories behind them at the BNA blog. -via Strange Company

Source: neatorama

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