Dogs That Look Like Celebrities

Some people think that all corgis, or all German shepherds, look alike. People who have dogs know that’s not true- every animal has a unique look and unique facial expressions. However, sometimes they share those unique looks with people you may recognize. Joaquim Campa collected quite a few pictures of dogs that you may have never seen before, but you’ll recognize them right off.

Those eyes! Those cheekbones! You ought to be a star! There are a lot more of these, and even when Campa ended his thread, plenty of other people came in to post dog (and cats) who look like celebrities.

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You can see the pictures from Campa’s thread all together at Threadreader, but you’ll also want to check out the original Twitter thread to see the extra contributions in the replies. -via Everlasting Blort

Source: neatorama

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