‘Dogspotting’ Is A Group Where People Share Their Pure and Hilarious Encounters with Random Dogs (New 104 Pics)

Mega floofs, teeny tiny puppers, and elegant hounds are just the tip of the iceberg of the amazing photos we have in store for you today, Pandas. Once again, we’re featuring the very best pics of dogs that get shared on the massively popular Dogspotting Facebook page. A group of 1.8 million members, Dogspotting is an overload of digital cuteness that might just inspire you to adopt your next pet. It’s a dose of goodness that’s bound to boost your mood and put a bit of bark in your step.

Dogspotting might be a fun pastime for some, but for others, it’s an entire lifestyle of spotting random dogs, sharing photos of them online, and brightening people’s day all over the world. Who can say that their day hasn’t gotten better when they’ve unexpectedly met a doggo? Honestly, it’s enough to fill you with enough hope, warmth, and wholesomeness to last at least a week!

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Scroll down for the best Dogspotting pics, upvote your favorite pics, and let us know in the comments which of these bringers of happiness you adore the most. Oh, and we’d love to hear all about your most recent rando dog encounters, so be sure to tell us all about that, too.

If you’re in the mood for some more furry fun after this list, you’ll find Bored Panda’s previous articles about Dogspotting here and here.

Meanwhile, scroll down for Bored Panda’s interview about dog behavior with the PDSA, the UK’s leading vet charity. PDSA Vet Claire Roberts was kind enough to answer our questions.

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#1 Cultural Post. In Nepal, We Have A Dedicated Day To Worship And Celebrate Dogs Called “Kukur Tihar” Aka Doggo Festival. On This Day, Dogs All Over The Country Are Worshipped With Flowers, Tika, Sweets, Food, Etc

Image credits: Anik Ydv

“Firstly, you should always ask the owner’s permission before approaching a dog and avoid the snacks—dogs really don’t need human food, despite what those eyes seem to tell us!” PDSA Vet Claire told Bored Panda how people should behave when they spot an adorable strange dog that they would simply love to pet and feed.

“Next, look at the dog’s body language, if they have a high, wagging tail, floppy ears and look relaxed then you can start to approach them. Try not to look straight into their eyes, as this can seem aggressive to a dog, and let them come to you for a sniff before touching them,” she said.

“If they have a low or tucked under tail, their ears are pinned back or their posture is tense then it is likely they are feeling uncomfortable and should not be approached. It is best to avoid rubbing the tummy of a dog you don’t know, as sometimes dogs showing their belly can be a sign that they are feeling anxious.”

#2 Goodest Boy Taking A Snooze Mid-Walk

Image credits: Daniella Saeedian

#3 Text From My Son

Image credits: Sally Morris

Bored Panda also wanted to get the PDSA’s advice on how owners can help their dogs become friendlier towards other people.

“It is best to start gradually introducing your dog to strangers when they are a puppy. Between 4 and 12 weeks of age is the ‘socialization period’ where your puppy’s brain is learning lots of new things, including how to cope with unfamiliar people. If your dog is frightened of strangers you can try and desensitize them, starting with introducing new people at a distance where your dog feels safe and associate this with something great, like a favorite treat,” the vet told us.

“This can be a very gradual process, and it’s important to always allow your dog the choice to move away from a situation that makes them uncomfortable. We recommend always asking a certified pet behaviorist for advice with this as it is easy to accidently make a fear of strangers worse. It’s important to slowly introduce any dog to any new people, animals, places, and experiences in a positive way to help keep them happy and confident.”

Meanwhile, if you’d like to get some further info and advice on understanding dog behavior better, you can visit the PDSA’s website right over here.

#4 A Wise Man Spotted Reminiscing His Time In The War – Also A True Gent! Boris, 10 Years Old

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Image credits: Georgia-May Ellis

#5 Spotted Large Doggo In Tiny Car Today. Large Doggo Looks Very Happy. 10/10 Would Give Belly Rub And All The Pets And Scratches

Image credits: Mariah Dibben

#6 What Goes On In The Woods, Stays In The Woods…

Image credits: Rebecca Davenport

Bored Panda has featured Dogspotting and its broad chain of groups, pages, and challenges very extensively over the years. For example, some of our articles that we know you’ll love if you’re a dog person are about the ‘Guilty Dog’ challenge, the ‘Didn’t Want A Dog’ challenge, and the ‘Hidden Dog’ challenge. They’re something to keep in mind when you’ve enjoyed every last pupper and doggo in this here list.

Currently, the Dogspotting group has 1.8 million members on Facebook that it’s amassed since 2008. That’s on top of the 1.2 million fans who are part of the Dogspotting Society group. The main difference between the two groups is that you’re supposed to post pics of dogs you don’t know in the Dogspotting group. Meanwhile, you’re free to gush all about your own dog in the Dogspotting Society group.

The super friendly Dogspotting team told Bored Panda during a couple of previous interviews that their community members are always really proactive. A lot of them come up with the challenges that then end up going viral and bringing a smile to so many people’s faces globally.

#7 Buddha Is 13 And Melted My Heart

Image credits: Karen Beth Pearlman

#8 Another Salon Visitor ! Sophie

Image credits: Amy A Fox Flaskerud

#9 Spotted Ollie At The Derby Day Wiener Dog Race Supporting His Friends

Image credits: Greg Heinz

“I think it’s a common experience when you’re in a household of many to have one person who might not be as excited as the others. But dogs usually find a way to melt those hearts pretty quickly. And as we’ve seen on the page, it happens a lot!” a member of the Dogspotting team told us that people quickly grow to love the dogs that end up living in their homes, even if they’re set against them at the start.

#10 Might As Well Jump (For A Sausage)

Image credits: Edd Jeff

#11 Meet Lincoln, He Takes After His Father Who Also Used To Perch Upon The Colonial Hotel Sign

Image credits: Issy Alice

#12 Spotted Today In Austin. She’s Keeping It Weird!

Image credits: Dante Monsivais

The entire Dogspotting team is really supportive of people adopting dogs. They urge folks to contact their local animal rescues and shelters who will help out. And those of you who are still working from home will have more time to bond with your new best friends.

#13 His Owner’s Shrub Has Been Indented To Fit His Face Because He Likes To Stick His Face When Visitors Pass

Image credits: Diane Nguyen

#14 I Met Teddy At Work Today And Might Quit Just Hang Out With Him Forever

Image credits: Jennie Hall

#15 A Teeny Tiny Spot… He Was The Size Of His Dad’s Shoes

Image credits: Alyssa Lyon

The representative of the Dogspotting team urged people to adopt a dog. Especially if you find yourself working from home. “Now is a great time to do it! With so many people working from home, you’ll have more time to bond with your new best friend! Contact local animal rescues and shelters in your area and they’ll be able to help you! We know this year has been very difficult for a lot of our members and the challenges have added a bit of levity for everyone,” they shared with us earlier.

#16 Good Boy Who Has Had Enough Of Waiting At The Meat Stand Spotted In Antwerp, Belgium

Image credits: Stella Tukia

#17 She’s Just Happy To Be Here

Image credits: Katie Marie

#18 One Man’s Pile Of Building Sand Is Another Puppy’s Ultimate Playground

Image credits: Kat Shaw

PDSA Vet Anna Ewers Clark was kind enough to enlighten Bored Panda about how (not) to act when meeting a strange dog on the street.

“Lots of us light up when we see a furry friend on our travels and our first instinct is to try to become friends, but our canine companions might not always feel the same way about us. Before approaching any pooch, the most important thing to remember is to check with the owner first. Not only is this polite, but the owners will also know a lot more about their beloved pet’s behavior than you do,” she explained to us.

#19 Smol Cloud And Big Cloud

Image credits: Jerry Lai

#20 Dog In Deep Reflection. Kinda Wanted To Give The Guy A Hug And Talk Through His Problems

Image credits: Alex William

#21 Guarding At 17,800+ Feet!

Image credits: Veena Khanna

Unfortunately, some dogs have fears and phobias that we might not be aware of, which means we might have to admire some doggos from far away instead of rewarding them with pets and treats like the good boys and girls they are.

#22 Glanced At Me For A Moment, Then Went Back To Begging His Mom For Fries

Image credits: Nikka Rosenstein

#23 Met Ollie On A Ship In Malta. He Is A Serial Hand Licker

Image credits: Aggelos Xatzisavvas

#24 I Aspire To Be This Content In Life

Image credits: Katrina Jiang

“Other dogs may be over-enthusiastic and might jump up or lick you if their owner isn’t prepared. With these dogs, you might be able to do some positive training by talking to the owner and rewarding the dog with lots of fuss once they’re calm and sitting down,” the pet health expert said.

#25 Showed Up To A BBQ And Saw The Sweetest Boy

Image credits: Brittany Faith

#26 Meet This Handsome Puppy Today 14/10

Image credits: Sarah Uberman

#27 Expert Camouflage Doggo With Fluffy Friends

Image credits: Jenny Holloway

According to Anna, all dog lovers should take the time to understand canine communication. Our bestest buddies might not be able to talk like us, but their body language tells us a lot about what they’re feeling and thinking.

#28 We Just Found Out We Have A Neighbor Doggo

Image credits: Jessalyn Mattea Nischan

#29 2 Best Bois Brunching In Style

Image credits: Molly Boyer

#30 Two Central Park Heroes And Good Bois! The Statue Is Of Balto. He Was A Sled Dog That Delivered Penicillin To Children

Image credits: Arielle Lauren Yacker

“Even if the owner gives you the go-ahead to say hello, it’s important to check that the dog is happy and relaxed while you’re greeting them. It’s really important to pay close attention as some doggy indicators can be very subtle or misinterpreted. PDSA’s canine ladder of communication shows how to tell if a dog is stressed or unhappy.”

#31 Just A Jolly Boy On The F Train

Image credits: Alauni Greig

#32 Close ……

Image credits: Alison Dutton

#33 Spotted These Four Angels With Their Dog Walker Ar The Pub Yesterday- Apparently They Sit With Him Every Day While He Has A Coffee And Reads The Paper. My Heart Could Barely Handle It

Image credits: Allison Elizabeth

#34 Met Deangelo The Goodest Boi Today, So Suave, So Cool

Image credits: Emily Walsh

#35 Spotted Velma Walking The Mystery Machine

Image credits: Hannah Barrett

#36 Spotted At A Toy Collectors Fair. The One Item Everyone Agreed Upon

Image credits: Ju Santarosa Cobos

#37 Seen On My Lunch Break! He Ordered 3 Plain Burgers For Them. Great Pyrenees Puppies

Image credits: Kalynda Walker

#38 Welcome Zelda!! 8 Weeks Old Lab And Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Mix. She Will Quickly Become A Regular For Sure. She Just Needs Her Mighty Sword

Image credits: Coco Combemale

#39 Spotted This Cotton Candy Boy At My Work. His Name Is Gus (His Mom Is A Competitive Groomer And Uses Pet Safe Dye)

Image credits: Ella Kniest

#40 I Squealed When I Looked Up And Saw This Handsome Hunk! He Was The Best Boy On The Flight From NYC To Greenville, Sc. Never Moved Or Made Any Noise Except When He Edged Up The Aisle Looking For His Mom When She Went Into The Lavatory

Image credits: Susan Scruggs Joh

#41 Accidentally Got Startled By This Fireman Boy While Eating Tacos, Then We Became Friends. So Polite. A True Gentle Giant

Image credits: Erin Shanahan

#42 8 Week Old Brooklyn

Image credits: Chelsea Lesser

#43 Spotted: Mike & Sulley Ready To Scare Some Kids! 12/10 Spooky As Heck

Image credits: Joi Davantes

#44 The Gem In The Stroller Is Living Her Best Life At 17 Years Old

Image credits: Victoria Baamonde

#45 Double Spot At Chichen Itza

Image credits: Tegan Keizer

#46 Ive Been Gifted With The Coolest Dog Spotting On My Bday

Image credits: Saem Cho

#47 Tanqueray, Dachshund/Pit Bull Mix, 2 1/2 Years Old. He Wears This Hat To Protect His Ears

Image credits: Gail H. Klein

#48 This Is Tess, She’s An Angel Who Will Take Every Opportunity To Sit On Your Knee And Be Smug About It

Image credits: Amy Donaldson

#49 First Glance I Saw A Lab On A Bike A Few More Looks And I Saw There Was Two More Labs ! Apparently 3 Generations ….grandma Dog Her Son And Then Her Sons Pup! They Literally Wait Like This For The Owner To Come Out

Image credits: Katrina Santelio

#50 Was Waiting For The Ferry Back To Manhattan And Saw This Beautiful 6 Month Caramel Swirl In Her Little Booties!!

Image credits: Ann Tran

#51 The Lou Treats Its Dogs Right

Image credits: Catherine Winn

#52 Derpy Plant Girl, Luna

Image credits: Molly Boyle Licciardi

#53 Saw This Guy Living His Best Life In Manchester, UK. 10/10 For Matching His Outfit To Dad’s Car.

Image credits: Hannah Georgia

#54 I Met This Pocket Pup, Sir Charles Everyone. Collective Awwwww!

Image credits: Kristy Chapman

#55 Toby Holloway

Image credits: Sarah Susser

#56 Look At This Distinguished Gentleman. Very Distinguished!

Image credits: Anna Solomkina

#57 Suburban Sleigh Ride

Image credits: Lauren Bowering

#58 Saw This Beautiful Girl In Paris, She Was Very Tired After Traveling

Image credits: Louise Adamson

#59 Mountain Pup

Image credits: Molly Harrison

#60 I Met This Smaller Floofy Boy At Work Today. I Asked What His Name Was And Was Overjoyed To Find Out His Name Is “Fluffy!” He Is 7 Months Old

Image credits: Kelsey Fitzgerald

#61 I Met This Beauty Out On Her First Walk, Her Name Is Daisy And She’s An 11 Week Old Labradoodle

Image credits: Katrina Scullion

#62 This Is Bodhi. One Could Say He Put The “Hair” In O’hare. His Humans Were Kind Enough To Allow Me To Chat And Take This Photo. He Was The Sweetest Little Fluff Who Ever Fluffed

Image credits: Kat Aguilar Nay

#63 Spotted This Morning At The Famous Bondi Beach, Australia! Lil Puppa Sleeping In His Bed With His Blankie While His Owner Worked Out

Image credits: Samantha Ann

#64 Quality Spot In Budapest One For When The Doggo Might Run Away

Image credits: Alabama Snapping Turtle

#65 This Is Polar Bear Scared The Shit Outta Me

Image credits: Callie Luebke

#66 Oliver Loves Going For Nice Long “Walks” On A Sunny Day

Image credits: Steven Hargan

#67 Waiting For His Brew

Image credits: Callum Watson

#68 Found This Handsome Man At The Park Today, His Name Is Waffles

Image credits: Da Ve

#69 I Met An Entire Loaf Of Bread

Image credits: Zenith Chan

#70 Pretty In Pink | La This Encounter Changed My Life

Image credits: Rhea Nayyar

#71 6 Dogs, All Exactly The Same

Image credits: Carly Goldstein

#72 Brewery Pup Spotted Just Chillin’

Image credits: Kristen Casey

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