Donald Duck's Nephews Around the World

The three young ducklings you see in some Donald Duck cartoons are Huey, Dewey, and Louie in English-speaking countries, but they are adapted to work in other languages in different ways. In some places they are given alliterative or rhyming names that are real names in the local language, and in others they are labeled with nonsense words that sound funny. In a few places, they are named with some variant of “quack.”

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This map (which you can see much bigger here), along with others that deal with cartoon names, comes from the delightful blog Mapologies, where you’ll find maps that answer all kinds of language questions, like how to say “banana” in Latin America, how other countries refer to the Milky Way, and the origins of color words in different languages.  

-via Kottke

Source: neatorama

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