Don’t Be Fooled! These Are Real True Crime Stories

We’ve had our fair share of clickbait articles these past few months, and most of us don’t believe news is true if it has a sketchy title. Intrigued? Yes, but is it believable? Highly unlikely. It’s a good way to get clicks though. However, some stories are unexpectedly true even when they are so bizarre. For example, would you believe a strip club in Miami sold a stolen Russian military submarine to a Columbian drug cartel? No? Unfortunately, it’s true, as Cracked details: 

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Together with a part-time Cuban spy and full-time cocaine trafficker named Nelson Yester-Garrido, they hit on a brilliant plan: The Soviet Union had just broken up and corrupt Russian military officers were selling Red Army equipment cheap. It was a golden period for arms dealers, when you couldn’t even walk down the street in Moscow without a guy in a trenchcoat offering to sell you a mechanized infantry division, with a cybernetic bomb-sniffing dolphin thrown in to seal the deal. Tarzan suggested using his Russian connections to obtain military hardware for cocaine traffickers. Which is how Porky’s, the strip club with the dildo car, wound up under investigation for selling a Soviet military submarine to the Medellin Cartel. 

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