Don’t Eat This Octopus

If ever you see this type of octopus being sold at your local market, alert the authorities immediately. While it may look good and smell good, these octopus are not edible, as they can kill people.

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These are Blue-ringed octopuses, one of four most poisonous species of octopus and among the most venomous marine animals.

… The bodies of these octopuses contain tetrodotoxin, a powerful neurotoxin that can cause respiratory issues, nausea, heart failure, paralysis, blindness, and yes, even death.

Thailand’s Department of Marine and Coastal Resources state that the poison is so strong that it cannot be neutralized by cooking the octopus. There is also no cure in the event that a person gets poisoned by this neurotoxin.

Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of such dangers posed by eating this type of octopus. The said department has issued a warning about these octopus after a woman alerted them that these were sold at the night market in Thailand.


(Image Credit: Facebook/ Mashable)

Source: neatorama

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