Door Cam Catches 2 Baby Bears Randomly Fighting, People Think It’s Adorable

Imagine—strange and scary noises coming from outside your house wake you up in the middle of the night. Of course, you immediately assume that someone is trying to get into your house and rob you. You’re absolutely terrified. Since you’re scared of interrupting the break-in and getting hurt, you decide to quickly check your security cameras to see what exactly is happening outside your front door. Surprise, surprise—there are no burglars! It’s just two adorable bear cubs play-fighting on your “welcome” mat. That’s exactly what happened to 45-year-old Pedro Rosas from South Lake Tahoe, California.

This family woke up in the middle of the night from strange noises coming from outside their house

Video credits: Kennedy News

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“I heard noises right outside our door and at first was worried people were trying to get in,” Pedro told Metro UK. “When we checked our security cameras to see where the sounds were coming from, I was stunned to see the two bears fighting right there on our doormat.”

Honestly, this fight looks absolutely adorable. The little bears are messing around and one of them even tries to push the other down the stairs. After a while, their mom also appears, climbs the porch steps, passes right between them, and then walks away.

They assumed that someone was trying to break in

Image credits: Kennedy News

“Bears often come near our house since we live very close to the mountains, but we’ve never had them so close to our front door like this,” Pedro told Metro UK. “It’s usually the mum and the cubs, or other times, just the mum, but these siblings seem to always have fun and mess around with each other.”

“After I saw the video, I thought it was very cute and funny because they still continued to play after the mum passed right through them, and it seemed like they didn’t care and continued to have fun. The babies were about three feet tall, but the mum is just a huge bear!” Pedro added.

Apparently, their doorbell camera captured two bear cubs play-fighting on their doorstep

Image credits: Kennedy News

Here’s what people on the internet think about these baby bear shenanigans

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