Downloadable, Customizable Files for 3D Printing Your Own Self-Latching Tool Holders

If you’ve got a 3D printer and you’re organizing your home/shop/garage, you could probably use some of these:

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The files for these customizable latching tool handle holders have been posted to Thingiverse by Australian engineer and Prusa user Greg Frost. And you can obviously scale things up or down depending on what you intend it to hold. “I have used it for big things like a pool scoop, right down to little things like a pen,” Frost writes.

Some pertinent details:

“It prints as one piece using its own parts for support. Where the hinges join, the model is weakened by leaving a blank layer and minimising the contact so that it can be broken free to actuate the hinge.

“Each hinge is designed to use a metal pin (three needed in total). You can use anything from a screw to a nail to a paperclip or a piece of coat hanger. I have been using nails with 2mm diameter in holes designed to 3mm so they slide in easily.”

Download the files here.

Source: core77

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