Dozens of Photographers Gather For ‘100 For the Ocean’ to Support Marine Research and Advocacy

A seal with seaweed in its mouth.

Tom Cannon, “Playtime” (2019), Jurien Bay, Australia. All images © the photographers, courtesy of 100 For the Ocean, shared with permission

Bringing together 100 wildlife photographers from around the world, 100 For the Ocean is a month-long fundraiser “to empower those on the frontlines of ocean conservation and to create a powerful, collective voice to impact policy and drive change.” During May, prints featuring André Musgrove’s underwater dives, Dmitry Kokh’s atmospheric documentation of polar bears, and Caine Delacy’s encounters with curious whales are available for purchase, with all proceeds going to research charities.

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100 For the Ocean was established by photographers and marine biologists Paul Nicklen and Cristina Mittermeier, founders of SeaLegacy, a visual storytelling and advocacy platform with a mission to restore ocean habitats and reduce pollution in response to the climate crisis. For this special project, the duo collaborated with Chase Teron and invited Kathy Moran, the former National Geographic Deputy Director of Photography, to curate the selection.

Prints start at $100 and are available on the project’s website through May 31. See more on Instagram.


Two whales.

Caine Delacy, “Curiosity” (2023), Dominica

A polar bear and her two cubs.

Ruth Elwell Steck, “A Mother’s Love” (2020), Wapusk National Park, Manitoba, Canada

A leaping penguin.

Paul Nicklen, “Icy Flight” (2011), Ross Sea, Antarctica

A close-up of a tropical bird's eye and feathers.

Joel Sartore, “Edward’s fig parrot (Psittaculirostris edwardsii),” Loro Parque Fundacion

A grizzly bear half-submerged in a stream.

Lianna Nixon, “Emerald Dreams” (2019), Katmai National Park, Alaska, U.S.

A breaking wave.

Andrew Semark, “Distance”

An abstracted surge of water.

Chris Byrne, “Medusa”

A surfer in front of a mountain.

Chris Burkard, “Aleutian Juice” (2013), Aleutian Islands


Jean Simon Begin, “Strong Together” (2022), Ontario

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