Draft Top Lift Object Beheads Beer Cans for Easy Drinking

Glass is now practically impossible to recycle in America. After my local recycling center stopped accepting glass, I switched from bottled beer to cans. I hate drinking out of cans, so my solution is to leave a glass tumbler in the freezer, and break it out when it’s beer time. A frosty glass beats a refrigerated bottle.

For those who have switched to cans for environmental reasons, but also hate drinking out of them, there is this interesting Draft Top Lift invention that cuts the entire top off.

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In terms of UX it’s no home run, but looks to be manageable once you get the hang of it:

These run $25 a pop.

Given the difficulty of recycling glass in America, I wonder if drinking beer out of bottles will decline in popularity here. It would be interesting if this Draft Top Lift became the thing that everyone sticks onto the end of an EDC object.

Source: core77

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