Dramatic photos of trapped nude figures visualize emotion

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By encapsulating his subjects in an elastic fabric, photographer Eric McCollum transforms them into human-sculpture. The eerie translucent layer describes the space being taken up by his contorted nude models and digs into ideas of human consciousness.

The elastic material that each human is contained by represents the boundaries of our unseen consciousness. In some images the models appear to be trying to escape, others content, and some even feature multiple figures. All of these scenarios are metaphors for our many emotional states of pleasure, contentment, and struggle.

‘The Cocoon Series’ begin in 2011 and is an ongoing project. To see McCollum’s more revealing (NSFW) photos head to his online gallery.



Cocoon Series #84

Screen-Shot-2013-10-02-at-9.23.57-PM  Cocoon+Series+#-110



Cocoon Series #1

Source: designfaves.com

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