Dries Ketels and his dancing paintings

Dries Ketels has gone above and beyond in developing his own method for painting. In his works, he creates “dancing paintings instead of dancing painters” through feeling.

Watching Dries move paint around a canvas is akin to watching an ice-skater move about a rink. Taking colors and brushes and manipulating them to bring about a wholly new iridescent form of art is mesmerizing.

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In order to achieve these results, Dries created on his own method and, about it, he stated:

“Developing a method is quiet simple and hard at the same time. When you start experimenting, which is always the beginning, you kind of already know the endpoint, you know that it has to be ‘different’ and at the end ‘beautiful’ as well. I think developing something new is getting rid of the fear of losing what you already know. Or getting rid of the fear of the unknown or something.”

Check out more of his work here.


Source: designfaves.com

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