‘Drone Shadow Project’ teaches us as much about them as they know about us

Drone sweeps are an ever-increasing presence in today’s world. It’s not just happening in war zones, it’s being repurposed to happen in our backyard. In fact, mega company Amazon just released plans for unmanned delivery services of its products. So what does this mean for us? Writer, artist and technologist, James Bridle, has launched a campaign to educate the world, reminding us that drones are up there and their invisible presence isn’t fading away.

Bridle got the idea for the Drone Shadow Project in early 2012. He wanted to know more about the drones patrolling the very skies under which he stood, be able to feel their size and gauge their power. Soon after, he started plans for his exhibitions that now span the globe, finding homes in London, Australia, Istanbul and more. The 1–1 scale outlines of the giant drones are there to remind people of a thing they most likely forget, and to promote the knowledge of unmanned drone surveillance. Through Bridle’s work the invisibility these drones once held may come to an end, allowing people to form new thoughts on their uses and purpose.

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Source: designfaves.com

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