Drones Were to Rescue Dogs Stranded by Volcano, But Someone Beat Them to It

Communities on the island of La Palma in the Canary Islands have been evacuated one by one as lava flowing from a volcanic eruption engulfs them. Small drones have been recording the carnage. One such surveillance flight revealed that four dogs were left behind at a home in an evacuated area. Confined to a fenced-in area, they looked to be starving. Drones were sent in to drop food and water, but the situation looked hopeless for the canines. An animal rights group looked into the possibility of rescue, but there was no way to approach the home. So they turned to Aerocamaras, a company that uses large drones that can carry up to 50 pounds per flight. It was an ambitious plan, using remote-control nets to capture the dogs and airlift them, and it had never been done before.

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However, when the Aerocamaras drones set off to get the dogs, they found none! Who had taken the dogs, and how did they get there? The rescuers had left a note on a large banner, but the drone operators did not see it as the wind had blown the fabric over. The note was revealed in a video that was posted to YouTube yesterday. It showed the banner at the house, a message spray painted in red indicating that the dogs had been rescued by “The A Team.” The theme music from the ’80s TV series was used in the video. The animal advocacy group that enlisted Aerocamaras received a message along with the video, thanking them for their efforts. There’s no word yet on who the A team is, how they did it, or where the dogs are, but the pets are no longer surrounded by lava. Read the story and see the video at NPR. -via Digg

Source: neatorama

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