Dunkin' Donuts May Change Their Name

There was a time when Dunkin’ Donuts was known for their donuts. But the times, they are a’changin’, and coffee culture is where the money is in the 21st century. The company is considering a pivot that will cement their focus on coffee as opposed to their donuts. Several locations, beginning with Pasadena, will rebrand as just “Dunkin'” in a test run of the new, shorter name.

The company does not consider this a departure from current branding.

“We have been referring to ourselves simply as Dunkin’ in our advertising for more than a decade, ever since we introduced our ‘America Runs on Dunkin’ campaign,” said the spokesperson.  

The trial run on the rebranded name may become part of a larger redesign that is set to roll out during mid-late 2018, and Dunkin’ Brands plans to determine “Dunkin’s” permanence at that time.  

Mashable has some other, funnier suggestions for a new name. I’m okay with any change as long as we can still buy donuts.

Source: neatorama

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