Dutch Bicycles Are Obviously Far Superior to Those Available in North America

When I bought my first adult bike two years ago, I gritted my teeth and settled on a Huffy Cranbook. It was good enough, since it had a single gear, coaster brakes, an upright rider position, and the capacity to take cargo racks.

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At the time, I didn’t know that omafeits existed. Omafiet is the Dutch word for “grandma bike.” The YouTuber Not Just Bikes explains how they are magnificently designed for practical, everyday use.

The omafeit has everything my Huffy does and so much more: a complete chain guard, a step-through frame, a coat guard, a heavy-duty cargo rack, a frame lock, and a dynamo for a headlight. The omafeit is a simple, rugged assembly of steel parts that’s ideal for everyday transportation.

That’s why I think it would also be an ideal vehicle for a post-apocalyptic lifestyle. There’s no point in owning a vehicle that requires frequent maintenance or specialized parts. It’s not as energy efficient as a road bike, but it’s more efficient than a fancy bike that you have to walk away from because a gear slipped and the underdwellers have caught your scent.

So be practical and get an omafeit.

-via Laughing Squid

Source: neatorama

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