Dutch Company Plantics' Bio-Resin-Based Chair Seats

A Dutch company called Plantics Biomaterials says they have developed “a unique new type of thermoset bio-resins. These resins are produced out of waste material from plants and are the first 100% bio-based thermosetting resins in the world! Because plants capture CO 2 from the air, our resins are also CO 2 negative. Furthermore, our bio-resins are safe and most of our raw materials are available on an industrial scale in Europe.”

When their bio-resin is combined with hemp fibers, they’re able to mold plastic-like objects without the need for petroleum:

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Plantics is currently selling their Hemp Chair with seats made of their material, though it’s currently Netherlands-only. They say their plan is to expand sales internationally, and expand their website into English.

The material sounds too good to be true! I’m waiting for them to expand their website with more information.

Source: core77

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