Dutch Tool Chest Forged Hardware Kit

A double-Dutch tool chest, with hand-forged hardware from Horton Brasses.

Orion Henderson at Horton Brasses was kind enough to work with me on a custom, blacksmith-forged hardware kit for the Dutch tool chest, which includes two strap hinges, two chest lifts and a hasp. And because this iron is so gorgeous, I asked him to reverse the barrel on the hinges so that they attach to the exterior – if you’re using handmade hardware, might as well show it off. (Bonus: no hinge mortises to cut.)

All the pieces feature a “bean” motif; it appears on the end of the long hinge leaf, in the shape of the lifts’ backplates and on the top leaf of the hasp on the underside of the lid.

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Both leaves of the hasp.
Hasp and staple.

The lifts come with square-head bolts (and matching washers and nuts) to fit 3/4″-thick material so that you can attach them through the sides, and safely use the lifts to actually lift the chest.

One of the chest lifts.
Because the hinges are attached on the outside, when the lid is open, there’s a gap at the back. It closes up, of course, when the lid is down.
A close-up of the back leaf. The hinges come with black, slotted screws.
Front leaf.

The full kit is $491.09, which is 25 percent less than were you to buy the pieces individually. (You can also pick only the hardware pieces you want, of course, though at no discount). Are there less expensive options? Of course – and I’ll give you lots of those in my forthcoming book on the Dutch tool chest. But I don’t think you’ll find a better price on blacksmith made, hand-forged hardware. And gosh does it look nice!

— Fitz

p.s. If you’re interested in buying this chest, drop me an email.

Source: lostartpress.com

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