Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s Cheat Meals Are Going Viral, And Here Are 41 Of The Craziest Ones

There is probably a significant number of people who started dieting during this pandemic because our lifestyles became more sedentary and it became more difficult to stay fit and not gain weight. And most likely, those people discovered the joys of cheat days when you can eat to your heart’s content without thinking about calories or the nutritional value of the food.

If you are on a diet, you most likely don’t need ideas for your cheat days, but if you are interested in what other people eat when they go all in, take a look at the cheat meals Dwayne Johnson has every week. The Rock’s cheat meals include pancakes, double-dough pizzas, a sea of sushi, pasta, and bagels. For dessert, Johnson chooses ice cream, abnormally large cookies, brownies, and cheesecakes. It’s not what he eats that is so mind-blowing, but the amounts of it. One cheat meal could have between 5,000 to 6,000 calories. He shares on his Instagram the incredible meals he has and you could get full just by looking at them.

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#1 One Of The Rock’s Favourite Cheat Meals Is Sushi

The cheat meal Sunday Sushi Train ? ? rolled on this past weekend with some power and a ton of that wooosabi ?
Great new doc on Netflix about one of my fav country artists, the icon himself, Johnny Cash.
I wear the black for the poor and beaten down.. livin’ in the hopeless, hungry side of town.
If you ain’t eatin’ – then you ain’t cheatin’. Enjoy your cheat meals my friends and excuse me while I take greed and gluttony to new levels.

Image credits: therock

#2 Extra Thick Brioche French Toast, Smothered With Peanut Butter And Syrup

When my two delicious worlds collide on my cheat day ?? Extra thick brioche french toast, smothered with peanut butter (personal fav) and syrup.
Washed downed with my @teremana Reposado tequila shaken, chilled and poured back on the rocks ??
Take a bite.
Take a sip.

Image credits: therock

#3 Sushi On Cheat Days Are Called The Sunday Sushi Train

The Sunday Sushi Train ? ? brought a friend to ride.. a big a** roasted turkey, smoked ham and cheese sammich ? ? ? hand made by yours truly.
Satisfying my addiction, with a great doc called UNDER THE INFLUENCE about one of the greatest guitarists of all time, Keith Richards.
If you ain’t eatin’ then you ain’t cheatin’. Enjoy, your cheat meals my friends.

Image credits: therock

#4 To Complement His Meals The Rock Chooses Tequila

The indulgence begins.
Just pulled these delicious @teremana bad boys out of the freezer to compliment my cheat meal ??
You can see the condensation ? ?
My friends, enjoy your holiday weekend with your families.
And enjoy your cheat meals and ‘Mana.
Salud’ ?

Image credits: therock

#5 Peanut Butter And Jelly Toast And A Slice Of Cheesecake

I’m jumpin’ headfirst into my sugar & tequila holiday weekend ???

Considering the year 2020 has already been for us – we’ve earned ourselves some decadent satisfaction.
This holiday weekend, EVERYday will be my cheat day ???‍♂️
Enjoy your families, fireworks & cheat meals, my friends.
Salud’ ???

Image credits: therock

#6 Pasta And Meatballs With Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cookies On The Side

Friday night and I got my fork AND my spoon for my big a** plate of pasta & meatballs w/ chocolate chip peanut butter cookies on the side – so you know I’m doin’ damage ???
Watching my two hometown teams @Lakers and @MiamiHeat battle for that championship ring!
They’ve sequestered in the NBA bubble away from their loved ones for 3+ months now and leaving your families is a hard thing to do in these wildly unpredictable times.
All for the love of the game and to give the fans greatness.
Good luck tonight, brothers.
Much much respect.
And clearly I’m eating like a champion in your honor ?✊????

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Image credits: therock

#7 Penne And Toasted Bagels With Butter And Garlic Powder

Voila’ ???
Vodka bolognese over penne
Two toasted bagels topped with butter and garlic powder ??
Freshly uncorked bottle of delicious @teremana reposado to “bring it on home tonight” ?
Enjoy your cheat meals, my friends ??

Image credits: therock

#8 Brownies, Blondies, Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chip And Double Chocolate Cookies And A Fat Slice Of Chessecake

Midnight sugar train leaves the station.
Brownies, blondies, peanut butter, chocolate chip and double chocolate cookies.
With a fat slice of a cheesecake chaser.
Now subvert all this sugar glory with a great Ken Burns documentary on PROHIBITION and we have ourselves a helluva party.
Don’t cheat yourself, treat yourself and enjoy your cheat meals my friends.

Image credits: therock

#9 A Pile Of 12 Pancakes

Image credits: therock

#10 With His Sushi The Rock Enjoys Wasabi And Soy Sauce

The cheat meal Sunday Sushi Train ?? rolls on…
And yes, that’s hunks of WOO-sabi in my bowl of soy sauce – cause I’m proudly a sadist who enjoys pain and it’s time to go to pound town ?
… and after this, a plate of DEE-lecious cookies ? are waiting on deck for me to take a crack at

Image credits: therock

#11 15 Enormous Cookies Of Milk Chocolate And Salted Caramel Chips With Peanut Butter In The Middle

And the insane cheat meal cookie train rolls on ? ?
Start with 15 ginormous “DJ Heavens” of milk chocolate and salted caramel chips with peanut butter in the middle.
Insanity rolls on with one of the wildest docs I’ve seen in some time, THREE IDENTICAL STRANGERS.
Nature vs Nurture. Diabolical vs Human Integrity.
Highly recommend.
And for the greedy, gluttonous record, I can take about 5 of these cookies to “DJ pound town” and the rest I take to work so the crew can enjoy!
Don’t cheat yourself, treat yourself… enjoy your cheat meals my friends.

Image credits: therock

#12 Pancakes With Peanut Butter And Syrup And Three Pints Of Ice-Cream

#sundaycheatmeal keeps rollin’ on as I bring new meaning to the word, gluttony one bite at a time.
Pancakes smothered with peanut butter and syrup.
Not one, not two, but three pints of my fav ice cream @saltandstraw.
Entertainment for the night is, DOLEMITE.
Highly recommend.
Good to see Eddie the ?back in the game.

Image credits: therock

#13 Homemade Apple Cobbler And Two Pints Of Ice-Cream

My #cheatmealsunday was a doozie.
Homemade apple cobbler and two pints of my personal heaven.
And for the record, “chocolate gooey brownie” is my nickname on weekends when I drink ??
Enjoy all your cheat meals my friends.
Everything in this picture had zero chance of survival.

Image credits: therock

#14 The Rock Doesn’t Shy Away From Hamburgers

Work hard, Play hard.
As I bring new meaning to the word, gluttony on my #cheatmealsunday ?

Two big daddy’s (my name for them;) aka cheeseburgers with avocado, bacon, onions, lettuce, tomato and double fries from one of my favorite local burger joints on the island.

Enjoy your cheat meals, my friends. Make them EPIC – you’ve EARNED them.

Image credits: therock

#15 Cheesecake And Massive French Toast Slices

A cheat day for the ages.
Juicy cheeseburger, fries and the smoothest chilled @teremana tequila ??
Brioche French Toast smothered in peanut butter and maple syrup with cheesecake & @espn’s 30 for 30 on the side.
For perspective, the cheesecake slice is actually half a cheesecake, so you can imagine how massive these French toast slices are ???‍♂️
Enjoy your cheat meals, my friends and have a productive week.

Image credits: therock

#16 Sweet Belgian Waffles

Kickin’ off this #cheatmealsunday with some sweet a** Belgium waffles ? I’m enjoying before my leg training that’s about to go down.

If you’re training today or ANY kind of activity – physically or mentally – make it a good one because we need that MOMENTUM going into our big first #MotivationMonday of 2021 tomorrow.

Kickin’ off 2021 with

Stay tuned…

Til then, don’t cheat yourselves, treat yourselves and enjoy your Sunday, my friends.


Image credits: therock

#17 Sushi Is The Perfect Late-Night Snack

1am and the cheat meal sushi train ? ? rolls along like an unstoppable force.
Despite the fact that I wound up passed out on the couch like a wounded buffalo after destroying sushi — this documentary WONT YOU BE MY NEIGHBOR? about the iconic “Mr. Rogers” is excellent. Highly recommend.
He was a very special and one of a kind man.

Image credits: therock

#18 Delicious Pizzas And Doughnuts For Dessert

If you’re gonna do it.. have fun & be EPIC. Yup, its that kind of day. Work hard, play hard in the 3..2..

Image credits: therock

#19 Pasta Bolognese And 2 New York Bagels

Kickin’ off my Sunday cheat meals right with pasta ? bolognese & 2 New York bagels ? and a bunch of unexciting for the ‘gram business work.
All four of these elements will be handled firmly and happily within the next hour. Enjoy your cheat meals, my friends.

Image credits: therock

#20 8 Slices Of Sour Dough French Toast Topped With Apple Pie

Yeah so this cheat meal went down at 11:45pm last night. 8 slices of sour dough French toast topped with loads of apple pie. Sat on the couch like the big, brown, bald, tattooed glutinous version of Jabba The Hutt and watched the Force Awakens again.
It was my Christmas gift to myself and I want everyone out there to remember one of our golden rules during the holidays, “Don’t cheat yourself, treat yourself”.

Image credits: therock

#21 Double Dough Pizzas

Image credits: therock

#22 Cheat Meal Cookie Train

When one of my fav films, THE STING meets my gluttonous CHEAT MEAL COOKIE TRAIN.
A lil’ fun fact to share with you – when I first broke into Hollywood back in 2002 I was filming THE SCORPION KING on the backlot soundstage of Universal Studios. My producer @kevin.misher came to me and said, “someone very special wants to come by set and personally welcome you to Hollywood” and in walks the legend himself, PAUL NEWMAN.
He was so gracious, cool and kind with his words about what my career could potentially be in Hollywood.
Me, on the other hand was a stumbling idiot and kept my answers so short because I was in such awe and respect of this beautiful man. I’m sure Paul thought “this kid’s got potential but Jesus Christ he needs to work on his people skills” ??‍♂️
Now years later I’m here watching two of my fav actors in one of my fav movies, while I stuff my greedy fat face with some of the best and biggest cookies I’ve ever had – mahalo Chef Paige.
Enjoy your cheat meals my friends.

Image credits: therock

#23 Chocolate Cookie And Chocolate Fudge Ice Cream Sandwich

About?? ? last night.
Deciding what to rock on @netflix while my massive plate size chocolate cookie and chocolate fudge ice cream sammich patiently wait to get destroyed.
What’s not pictured here is the second ice cream cookie sammich I retrieved from the freezer as well as a big a** slice of NY cheesecake.
I wound up watching, Anthony Jeselnik’s #FireInTheMaternityWard stand up comedy special.
Loved it. Brilliant.
I took my #CheatMealSunday to a whole new level of gluttony, greed and darkness.
And I feel very good about myself.

Image credits: therock

#24 Buffalo Sirloin With Eggs And Pancakes

A Sunday kind of love ????

Post workout brunch with zero chance of survival as I sing in let’s that don’t exist.
Buffalo sirloin with eggs
Pancakes with the @teremana magic maple syrup.
Enjoy your Sunday and your cheat meals, my friends ??

Image credits: therock

#25 An Assortment Of Cookies And A Slice Chessecake To

My #CheatDaySugarTrain rolls on down the line.
Cookie ice cream sammiches (chocolate chip & peanut butter cookies with Oreo cookie ice cream) from one of my fav spots in LA @themilkshop_la.
1 slice of cheese cake
1 big a** chocolate fudge cookie with salted caramel chips made into a big a** smile, because f*** it it’s my happy time.
I devoured this sugar train around midnight while sitting on my couch, watching Forensic Files md felt like a King.
And by 1am I sat there looking like a drunk Jabba the Hut who was still solving every crime before the end of each episode.
Very. Sexy.
Enjoy your cheat meals my friends – they’re well earned.
? ~ Jabba

Image credits: therock

#26 A Cheat Meal As A Reward For A Hard Leg Day

Nothing like when cheat day is also leg day ??‍♂️ ?
Give it a try ??
Intersect your cheat day with your hardest workout of the week.
Extremely satisfying ?

Image credits: therock

#27 Cream Of Rice With Honey, Bagel, Whole Liquid Chickens And Seasoned Buffalo

Sunday morning (pre leg workout) breakfast.
???? ??‍♂️
Cream of Rice with honey, bagel, whole liquid chickens and seasoned buffalo.
Enjoy your Sunday, my friends and eat up. It’s cheat day ?

Image credits: therock

#28 Waffles, Bananas And Peanut Butter

Midweek breakfast cheat meal of waffles, bananas and peanut butter.
This one timer gives me a small boost of carbs, sugar and fat – if you can find consistency with your training and diet – meals like this go a long way as your muscles, body and cognition absorb it all to keep us operating at that optimal level.
Powdered greens ? mixed in my water and a freshly empty bottle of maple syrup because I don’t f*** around with my syrup ??‍♂️?
Boosted up, now let’s get to work and have a productive rest of your week.

Image credits: therock

#29 Jumbo Pasta Shells And Bagels

I’ve missed you ol’ friend, it’s been too long ?
Welcome back to the rotation.

Image credits: therock

#30 Double Dough Pizzas

I don’t do fancy well, but when it comes to quality, the kid’s takin’ home the gold ?
Double dough pizzas ?
Where I have the pizza maker literally use two doughs to make one pie – highly recommend you give it a try
Cheese and Hawaiian.
Sitting in bed.
Watching Sunday Night Football.
Bringing new meaning to the word fancy.
Enjoy your cheat meals, my friends. ?? ?

Image credits: therock

#31 A Variety Of Sushu And Extremely Large Chocolate Chip Cookies

Late night soosh train ? ? cheat meal in full effect.
Accompanied by soy sauce and hunks of woooooosabi and two big a** chocolate chip cookies.

Enjoyed this quiet soosh time immensely and also enjoyed an excellent doc on President Lincoln ?? ?

Don’t cheat yourselves, treat yourselves and enjoy your cheat meals, my friends.

Have a productive week ☑️

Image credits: therock

#32 Sushi Train For A Movie Night

The cheat meal Sushi Train ? ? rolls on strong. Good collisions of world’s here/
Re-watching one of my fav docs, THE DEFIANT ONES (highly recommend) while going over my 2020 @underarmour creative concepts for our new Project Rock collection, called INNER WARRIOR – because everything always starts from within.
You vs You.
Project Rock has become @underarmour’s #1 global seller and we’ll continue to be humble and hungry as we steadily disrupt and elevate the game.
Now it’s Me vs Sushi and in this game, there are no losers – only winners.
Especially my big, greedy, gluttonous f’n belly.

Image credits: therock

#33 After A Week Of Hard Work Everyone Deserves A Sushi Train

My cheat meal Sushi Train ? ? rolls on… Worked my a** off all week to enjoy this masterpiece from a spot here in London, called #SushiShop.
Highly recommend.
I will apply my chess game techniques here by
Attacking brilliantly
Playing defense stunningly
And ending it all with calculated precision.
This soosh has zero chance of survival, but this game has no losers today.
Winners only.
Especially my greedy, glutinous belly.
Enjoy your cheat meals my friends – you’ve earned them.

Image credits: therock

#34 Bringing Gluttony To A New Level With Sushi

The cheat meal Sushi Train ?? steam rolls on down the line.
Tried this new soosh spot that was a recommendation from my new best friend, Stanley Tucci.
Great food.
If anyone has sushi recommendations while I’m here in London, holla.
Second time viewing of one of my fav docs, “Won’t you be my neighbor” about one of the most kind, compassionate, caring & steadfast human beings to ever walk God’s green earth – Fred Rogers aka Mr. Rogers.
So pumped to see Tom Hanks play him. Perfect casting.
Excuse me while I stuff my face and bring gluttony to a whole new level.

Image credits: therock

#35 Banana Pancakes With Peanut Butter And Syrup

A lil’ cheat meal Sunday big ol’ banana pancakes with peanut butter and syrup action.

Second pic is the damage done and dusted.

And yes, I still use paper plates.
Old habits ?

Enjoy your cheat meals, my friends.

Image credits: therock

#36 Sushi For Nights When The Rock Can’t Sleep

3:45am. F*** it. Can’t sleep.
But that ain’t stoppin’ my sushi train ? ? from rollin’ on.
Just watched one of the greatest performances I’ve ever seen. #SpringsteenOnBroadway from the boss himself, Bruce Springsteen.
Never met him, but look forward to sharing a drink one day with this man and choppin’ up our lives — two very lucky, hard workin’ SOB’s. One’s a global rock & roll icon and the other’s some random big, brown, bald dude with tats who sips fine tequila by the gallon ?

Image credits: therock

#37 Hamburgers With Double Fries

Two “Big Daddy’s” loaded with the works and double fries

Maaan I cherish these quiet, fun moments with my fam that come far and few in between.

Do your cheat meals up right, my friends – you earned em.

Ono grindz, good company, good mana.

Still paper plate’n it, 4 life!

Image credits: therock

#38 Coconut Banana Pancakes

When even steam can look delicious ?
This is the moment where my mouth salivates and I get silly and stupid ?
My coconut banana pancakes are INSANELY DELICIOUS. Best pancakes I’ve ever had – ? drop – I’m gonna gather our special recipe and share it with you guys.
I want you have these in your life!!! ??
Enjoy your cheat meal Sunday, my friends.
? ? ?
(L-boogie with the cameo ?)

Image credits: therock

#39 Sushi And Banana, Chocolate Chip Pancakes For A Late-Night Cheat Meal

Veni, vini, vici.
Well earned late Sunday night cheat meal.
Sush and banana, chocolate chip pancakes.
Hello sugar sweats by 2am.

Image credits: therock

#40 Sushi With Double Stuffed Chocolate And Peanut Butter Chip Cookies With Real Peanut Butter In The Middle On The Side

By any means necessary.
Just cuz I’m in London, doesn’t mean my Sunday Sushi Train ? ? doesn’t roll on.
Shout to my ace/partner in crime, Emily Blunt for the soosh recommendation.
Polished it off w/ my signature double stuffed chocolate and peanut butter chip cookies with real peanut butter in the middle.
I’m late to the game on watching this doc, but THE DEFIANT ONES w/ Dr Dre & Jimmy Iovine is a must see.
When I was a kid I heard a quote, that stuck with me for life – once you’ve been hungry, you’ll never be full.
Cheers boys ? to never being full and always being the hardest worker in the room.

Image credits: therock

#41 Rainbow Sushi Rolls

Bringing in my #cheatmealsunday soosh train ? ? with some frosty @teremana ?? and Rainbow rolls so big they’re coming off the plate for a delicious post game cheat meal ? ?

Enjoy your cheat meals, my friends!

Image credits: therock

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